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What You Need To Know About The New Galaxy

By  JOSH ELLIOT from Techly.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is a welcome new addition to the smartphone scene, particularly for lovers of big screens, fancy features and an inbuilt stylus.

Reversible Charger
No more plugging your charger in the "wrong way up!" One of the first differences you’ll notice is the new USB-C charging port which is fully reversible. So matter which way you plug your charger in, both ways are the right way up!

Don’t panic though - the box includes a USB-C adapter that will fit your old Mini-USB charger. That should tide you over until the USB-C becomes more mainstream.


Inbuilt Stylus - with replacement tips
For anybody with unnecessarily-large-fingers syndrome, the box also includes a stylus to allow for much more precise movements that will make the simple, everyday task of typing on your phone that much easier.

Users of the Note 5 stylus were known the experience the stylus wearing out after a while, which is why the box now includes a pack of spare tips to go on the end of the stylus – plus tools to remove/replace the tips.


For those who love the more advanced features, you’ve also got the ability to take copious notes on your phone or even create animated, hand-drawn gifs.

Huge screen with rounded edges
The Note 8 has the biggest screen on a Samsung phone yet. It also has rounded edges which, aside from looking slick AF, allows you to bring up your favourite apps or contacts in one quick gesture.


There’s also a new button located on the left side of the phone below the volume control that automatically activates Samsung’s alternative to Siri and company: Bixby. If one virtual assistant wasn’t enough, Google Assistant is also included. We can neither confirm nor deny whether the two will stand around the water cooler and joke about the things you search for when the phone is turned off.

The Note 8 also gives you a wide range of security measures for locking and unlocking your phone, including facial recognition, iris scanner and fingerprint scanner. The first two do require staring at your own face, if that’s what you’re into. But the dual camera setup does work brilliantly and takes high quality photos. 


If you’ve used a previous version of the phone, the Note 8 has everything you loved about it before with a bit more oomph behind it. If you’ve been using a phone that doesn’t include a stylus – basically anything other than an older Note – then the main criteria is probably whether or not you think you’re likely to enjoy having it there to use.

For those who are keen on the idea of using the stylus, then you can’t go wrong with the Note 8. The everyday features make it versatile and easy to use, and there’s plenty of nifty little tricks to uncover as you delve deeper into the device.


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