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If You're Making Outdoor Plans For The Weekend, Reschedule!

The Bureau of Meteorology have warned that it will be a wet and windy weekend in Victoria. 

Spring always triggers strong winds in Melbourne, but this year it's been particularly blustery. Not to mention, cold! 

Unfortunately, Melbourne's dodgy weather isn't set to disappear this weekend.  

Saturday is set to be partly cloudy with a high (80%) chance of showers. There is a chance of thunderstorms in the morning. Winds east to northeasterly 25 - 35km.

Sunday is also set to be cloudy with a high (70%) chance of showers. Winds northwesterly 20 - 30 km/h turning westerly 25 - 35km/h during the morning. 

Looks like Melburnians will be spending most of their weekend indoors. 

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