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That Time Margot Met Ellen And Barack Obama

You know how the only time you EVER run into anyone is when you have made ZERO effort with your hair, clothing or face... well at least you didn't run into Ellen Degeneres AND Barack Obama...

Well, get ready to squirm because this story about Margot Robbie and her husband, Tom Ackerley, meeting the aforementioned is HILARIOUS.

The story goes like this:

Margot and Tom were on their Honeymoon at a ladi-da hotel in Tahiti and because it was raining, decided to hit the gym.

Tom, thinking that they would see noone, decided to wear some really old and incredibly short shorts to work out in.

"Who are we going to run into? Who's going to be here?" Margot explained in the clip above.

Well, unfortunately for them, Ellen, her wife Portia and the ex-President of the United States Barack Obama were all working out in the same gym.

While you may be thinking, "meh, shorts...", let's just say, he was wearing absolutely nothing underneath and there was a lot of lunging and wide leg stretching involved...

Ellen, Portia and Obama all copped a massive eyeful of Tom's bits... so I guess you could say they are now very well acquainted.

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