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Vets Want Pugs Removed From Valentine's Day Cards

When it comes to Valentine's Day, the search for that perfect card can cause a little panic and the British Veterinary Association have just made it that little bit worse.

According to the Daily Mail, "Britain’s vets have now called for their faces to stop being used on the cards in a bid to curb their popularity".

But WHY, may you ask! They're so cute with their squishy faces and squashed noses... well, their faces are the reason.


According to the animal specialists, cats and dogs who have flat faces suffer from breathing and walking problems.

The BVA is concerned that these 'pug cards' make Pugs look so adorable that the population would want to breed more.

The #BreedtoBreathe campaign is asking for the card industry to stop exploiting their image "to prevent a welfare crisis".

BVA President John Fishwick told the Daily Mail: "Pugs and many other flat-faced dogs have lovely temperaments, but the use of their images on cards and gifts is ‘normalising’ these breeds’ short noses and big eyes which can cause horrendous pain for the animal and prove costly for the owner to treat.

"We understand that stock for this year is already in the shops, but we’re confident that now card retailers are aware of these problems they will want to do their bit to reduce the visibility and, hopefully, the popularity of these breeds.

"Valentine’s Day is meant to be romantic, so giving a gift or card depicting an animal that can suffer breathing difficulties or skin problems as a result of its breeding is definitely a message to avoid. That’s why we’re saying choose hugs not Pugs to show your love."

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