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Vegemite To Finally Return To Aussie Owners

It's fair to say that more than a few of us are happy little vegemites after hearing this news.

After being owned by various overseas companies, Vegemite is now once again 100% dinky-di Aussie after Bega Cheese purchased the iconic spread for $460 million dollars. 

Bega Cheese chairman Barry Irvin, says they plan to increase the popularity of Vegemite overseas as they look to market the “salty pleasures of Vegemite” to more than 40 countries, following the purchase from US food giant Mondelez.

“We are an exporting company that looks to take products into other markets,” he said.

“I don’t say we plan to convert the world to Vegemite but we have been successful in establishing the Bega brand in more than 40 countries ... and we aim to leverage those channels.”

Mr Irvin said “Australia keeps changing and we want to make sure we change with it,” he said.

“Australia’s most-loved spread for generations should continue to be that, even though the demographics of the country inevitably change.”

Bega had to sell two dairy plants and tap their shareholders for $160 million to help fund the Mondelez deal. 

We reckon it's totally worth every cent to bring Vegemite back to where it belongs!

The West Australian

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