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Twitter's Latest Announcement Will Change The Game

Does anyone else love watching TV shows and seeing the amazing commentary that unfolds on twitter? 

Perhaps it's your bite sized news feed...

Or is your life mission to get a retweet from anyone from a Kardashian to Gary Ablett to Paul McCartney? 

Well, this will be music to your ears. 

You know that dreaded 140 character limit in tweets? That always results in you going back and editing a tweet until 'u sound lyk a teen who cant spell'? 

Twitter are now trialling tweets allowing up to 280 characters with certain users. 

The reason behind it? 

Twitter have done studies showing that in languages like Japan, China and Korea, it is very rare to meet or exceed the 140 letter limit because they can convey so much more information in fewer characters.


Meanwhile 9% of all tweets in English hit the limit (compared to 0.4% of tweets in Japanese).

So for languages such as English, French, Portuguese and French, the 280 limit is being explored. 

Imagine all the hashtags and sassiness we could convey with all that extra room!!!!

Twitter still stands by the fact that the medium is about brevity. But hopefully this will open up the conversation and put all dialects on equal footing. 

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