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Toddler Breathalysed After Being Caught 'Drink Driving'

This is very cute. 

The Cheshire Police had a run in with a very young motorist last week.

The toddler was 'pulled over' in her unregistered vehicle, without a licence after she rode over to the police cars to see what all the fuss was about.

What's more concerning is when asked if she had been drinking, her parents confirmed she'd 'had a few bottles' that morning. 

So the Police did what was in their duty of care and breathalysed her. 

Thankfully her reading came back zero!

After that run in, the police did however have to question a real motorist who was driving an unregistered car. 

But at least this little girl's first run in with police was a positive one!

Bravo to the police officers for taking time out to talk to her!

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