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Drinking IMPROVES Your Foreign Language Skills

We KNEW it! Drinking makes you smarter! Case closed. The end. 

Well not really, but hear us out.


You've been studying a language. And a person of said origin, say French, comes up to you and so you decide to test out your skills on them, except it goes horribly, horribly wrong.

You stumble over the easiest of words, forget which is "e" and  "i". You roll your r's and forget the french word for bread, hello or even champagne...

The process alone freaks you out so much that you want to reach for the closest drink and you'd be right to do so...


Researchers at the University of Liverpool, Maastricht University, and King's College in London have discovered that drinking a small amount of alcohol actually improves foreign language skills. Why? Because you stop worrying.

Participants were 50 German speakers learning Dutch, with each person getting a drink. Half with alcohol and half without. 

It was found that participants who drank actual alcohol performed "significantly better" than those who didn't - mainly in pronunciation.

Apparently, alcohol has "anxiety-reducing effects"...

BRB, grabbing a drink to practice our Spanish...

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