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This Pet Leotard Will Help Your Nervous Fur Babies Calm Down

Just like humans, animals can get pretty anxious about life. Although there is prozac available for your pets, many people don’t feel comfortable medicating their fur babies. However, there is now another option to help out your nervous furry friend and it’s called a Shed Defender. 

The stretchy onesie for your pup has been around for a while now and its original purpose is to stop dogs from shedding fur all over the house. The leotard is also designed to keep allergens and dirt at a minimum around your home and also acts as a barrier to stop bugs, ticks and fleas from setting up in your pooches fur. They’re also brilliant for the colder months, serving as a cozy extra layer.

Three's a crowd 🐶🐶🐶

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The Shed Defender apparently helps calm down your anxious doggo because the fit of the leotard is so snug, they feel like they’re being held. It basically works the same way one of those weighted blankets does.

You can grab your own Shed Defender here and enjoy the benefits of a calmer pooch. 

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