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This New Mary Poppins Theory Has Some Serious Merit!

If, like us, you grew up watching Mary Poppins thinking she and chimney sweep Bert had a bit of a romance going on, this fan theory may surprise you.

But the more and more we think about it, the more this makes sense. 

In case you are a little hazy on the story, Mary Poppins is the nanny of all nannies. Prepared for any situation with a touch of magic and her neverending suitcase full of tricks. 

When Mr Banks is looking for a new nanny for his children, Michael and Jane, Mary Poppins is heaven sent - literally, she floats in from the clouds above.

Poppins (aka the wonderful Julie Andrews) takes the children on wild adventures from the rooftops of the city they live in, to jumping into a chalk drawing. 

And on most of these trips, the trio are joined by Mary's friend Bert - a chimney sweep. 

While we always just assumed the two had a bit of a romance going on, the latest theory is that Mary in fact was Bert's nanny all those years ago. 


In arguably the best song in the film, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Bert can be heard saying the following line: 

"When I was just a lad/My father gave me nose a tweak/

And told me I was bad/ But then one day I learned a word/

That saved me achin’ nose/The biggest word I ever heard/

And this is how it goes, oh/ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

Now who else, other than Mary Poppins, would use such a word? 

The theory is that Poppins was his nanny - which explains how he knows the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious AND why he is completely comfortable jumping in and out of chalk paintings / laughing in anti-gravity / has a history with Poppins when he first meets the children. 

Need more evidence? 

Apparently the writer of the novel, PL Travers, hated the idea of any romantic notion between Bert and Mary - surely the only reason for that is the idea that she was his nanny.

The upcoming reboot / sequel "Mary Poppins Returns" supports this theory even more. 

Emily Blunt is playing the titular character of Mary Poppins (and is a similar age to what Andrews was at the time she tackled the role) because let's face it, as if Mary Poppins would have aged. 

The storyline follows Poppins returning to visit Michael and Jane when they are all grown up.

When Huffington Post floated this fan theory with Blunt herself, she said she loved the idea. 

“That’s a lovely notion,” Blunt said, “That’s very cool.

 “Oh, I do. I really do. I think that’s a very lovely possibility.”

We'll never watch Mary Poppins the same way again... 

H/T: Huffington Post


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