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This Dog HILARIOUSLY Pranks His Owner And It’s ADORABLE

(Video courtesy of UniLad)

There's nothing better than a good ol' dog video to brighten your thursday. And this one seriously takes the cake.

It's the perfect combination of hilarious and cute, and this superstar dog has seriously become the biggest legend because of this one cheeky prank on his unsuspecting owner.

What was meant to be a quick stroll through the park, turned into a much longer ordeal, after this doggo refused to leave.

The poor owner tried EVERYTHING to get him to budge, including pretending to walk away and leaving the dog there (and while this may work for parents in the grocery store...he wasn't so successful) but NOTHING seemed to work!

And while we find it absolutely adorable, we think that the man in the video was getting a tiny bit fed up with his pet in the end...Let's just say we don't think he got a treat when they finally got home!

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