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These Snakes Dramatically Fake Their Own Death To Survive

If you’re a fan of the wild and the creatures in it, no doubt you know that some animals go to pretty extreme measures to defend themselves - they have to - it’s ultimately about their survival.

However, one animal in particular is raising eyebrows because of its last ditch survival method - faking his own death.

Think of soccer players who take a dive and put on a dramatic display so that the referees know they’ve been hurt. It’s like that - only more dramatic.

The snake, the hognose snake, has distinctive characteristics; an upturned snout, a short, stout body, and it puffs up and hisses at predators.

However, as a last ditch attempt to save it’s own life, the snake also plays dead, putting on a minute or two-long performance where it appears to die in terrible pain.

Curling over and seemingly wincing, the snake turns onto it’s back, leaves it’s mouth open and then when it eventually ‘dies’, stays in position until it fears there is no longer a threat, before going about his day.

Move over Margot, this guy deserves the Oscar…

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