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These Animal 'Blooper' Pics Are A Classic!

When you think of wildlife photography, you usually think of stunning images of majestic creatures captured in their natural environment that may have taken hours, or sometimes even days to take.

But just like people, even wild animals can have embarrassing moments, or be in situations that are inadvertently funny.

To celebrate, the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2016 have been awarded with the panel of judges going through more than 2,200 entries.

The top prize was handed to Angela Bohlke from the US for her photograph of a fox face-planting into the snow.

“The picture shows a red fox hunting for his morning breakfast, a small rodent, known as a vole," Bohlke said in a statement.

"This photograph is from one of the times he unfortunately, however, hilariously missed. On the third try, he finally succeeded."

“To me, winning is just a chance to share the beauty of our protected lands with more people," she added. "I plan to donate any personal profit from sales of the image back to Yellowstone National Park where this image was taken.”

The awards also aim to raise awareness for international wildlife charity 'The Born Free Foundation' who promote conservation and the public's appreciation for wildlife.

The plan is to make the awards an annual event so have a look at their Facebook and Twitter pages for more.

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