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Early Psych Interview Raised Suspicions About Burke Ramsey

The explosive two-part series delving into the cold case of JonBenét Ramsey's disappearance and subsequent death has rocked viewers around the world.

And while investigators concluded in last night's finale that the evidence, once re-evaluated with modern technology and techniques, pointed to JonBenét's brother Burke, the focus of the then-nine-year-old's original child psychologist interview made for compelling - and unsettling - viewing.

Just days after his sister was found beaten, bound and gagged in the family's basement, Burke is asked how he thinks she died; originally distracted with a toy, he then begins quietly describing his imagined series of events.

"I think that someone took her... very quietly... tiptoed down the basement," he says. "Then took a knife out and went..."

At this point Burke violently mimes stabbing, something investigators immediately labelled a behavioural indicator.

"You know, something like that," Burke continues in a sing-song voice. "Or maybe a hammer, hit her in the head maybe."

"It's just odd that he's acting it out at all anyway," a concerned Laura Richards, former Scotland Yard criminal behavioural analyst, explains. "Most children would not kind of future-project this or re-enact it in a room."

Former FBI profiler Jim Clemente agrees, adding: "And on top of it all, there is no emotion, no appropriate emotion at all, about this happening to his sister."

The programme concluded on Nine last night, with the assembled team of experts hypothesising that the evidence pointed to Burke having accidentally killed his sister by hitting her in the head with a torch after the six-year-old took a piece of pineapple from her older sibling's bowl in the kitchen.

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