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The Mistakes You Never Noticed In Friends

After 10 seasons, 236 episodes and most houses now having huge TV’s in them, it’s know wonder people have recently spotted a few mistakes in the 90’s sitcom Friends.


Pictured above is a screen grab from the season 9 episode "The One with the Mugging". In this ep Aniston's character Rachel bursts into Monica's apartment to tell Joey he got a call from his agent for an audition. As you can see below, when the camera pans back to Joey, there’s a very different actress standing in the same spot.


In an earlier season Courtney Cox’s character Monica was spotted in a similar slip up.


Above Monica can be seen sitting across from Phoebe on a couch at ‘the Central Perk’ cafe. When the camera cuts to Phoebe there is clearly a stand in actor for Monica.


Most likely the scenes had to be re-taped on a day Cox and Aniston weren't on set. Have you spotted any others?

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