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The Block Controversy That Has Left One Team With NO MONEY

The Block is quickly coming toward its final reveals and money is getting tighter and tighter.

And on Sunday nights episode, it looks like school teachers Ben and Andy have felt the brunt of the financial strain as they admitted they have no money left to finish the show.

The boys used their bonus point in an attempt to win Kitchen week but still managed to miss out by one point, which is when Andy admitted to camera ‘We’re screwed.’

Ben continued: ‘We just blew the only advantage we had.’

‘We were half a point behind on both judges so it was a stupid gamble,’ he said.

Ben said the pair had been forced to ring their tradesman because they can’t afford to pay for their services and finish the builds and it's the expensive terraces being renovated this coming week.

‘It’s done now, we’ve got no money, we can call our trades tonight and say don’t bother coming in tomorrow we can’t pay ya. It’s done.’

Julia and Sasha are now also feeling the pinch with Julia saying it was ‘all about the money this week.’

This week for the kitchens, rivals Dan and Carleen and Karlie and Will tied on full points, 30 out of 30 for their respective kitchens.

It meant they each got $10,000 and a one night stary away from The Block, which they had to share.

The boys finished with 29 points, Julia and Sasha on 28 points and Chris and Kim on 24 points.

The teams are now set to renovate their terraces, which starts on Channel 9 tonight at 7:30 PM.

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