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Cummins' Own Nickname Basically Foreshadows The Whole Season

There’s no doubt that Nick Cummins is hot news on Friday morning, just hours after The Bachelor finale where he picked no one.

While office sweeps and betting outlets scramble and the memes begin to surge, a quick Google over Nick’s, well, nickname, holds some serious foreshadowing.

Punching ‘Do honey badgers mate for life?’ into the search engine and the first entry reads exactly like Thursday night’s playbook…


Here’s the longer entry from the frequently asked questions at

"Honey badgers do not form long lasting pair bonds., they are not monogamous and the male does not play a role in rearing offspring. While groups of two or three individuals are frequently sighted, these are not considered to be family groups and usually consist of a number of males traveling together searching for females, or males with a female in oestrus. Males will meet up and compete for a chance to mate with a receptive female during oestrus for a number of days. Juveniles spend an unusually long time with their mothers (14 - 18 months) and this explains why there has been confusion regarding sightings of "pairs". Since honey badgers show sexual size dimorphism with the male substantially larger than the female, male offspring can reach almost twice the size of their mothers before independence. Male honey badgers may also be found in groups consisting of as many as five individuals. There are also records of Honey badgers congregating at an abundant food source."

But, not gonna lie, if Brittany and Sophie had done some homework on honey badgers, we would have missed the moment that was nothing short of a GIFT...




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