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Terrifying Moment a Plane Door Blows Open on Take-off

I’d say, a plane door blowing open would be on my list of things I DON’T want to see during take off.

Unfortunately for a team of football players, they experienced this just before they were about to fly home.   

Footage captured on a mobile phone, shows the horrified bunch screaming out for the pilot to stop when their plane door suddenly blew open during take-off.

As the small plane gathered up speed, hurtling along the runway, members of the team can be heard screaming "Stop! Stop!" as other teammates are seen battling to force the door shut.

The clip abruptly cuts out amid the panic but thankfully the disaster was averted and according to Mirror UK, the captain abandoned take-off.

The door was fixed and the team made it home to Buenos Aires safely on the second attempt.

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