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Something We Do When We Drive Could See You Being Fined!

A road rule you probably don’t know about.. could see you being stung by a sweet, sweet $476.

Forgetting to lock your car while you pop into a service station, is officially against the law.

According to the road rule, not securing the windows or locking the doors of an unattended vehicle when you are more than 3m away can see the driver hit with a fine of up to $476.

A window is deemed as providing security as long as it is open by no more than 2CM.

If a driver leaves the keys in the ignition, is more than 3m away from the vehicle and there is no one else sitting in it, that’s another maximum fine of $476.

Robyn Seymour, VicRoads acting executive director of ­access and operations told the Herald Sun “Road rules help traffic to flow cohesively and easily around the Victorian road ­network and prevent unsafe driver and pedestrian behaviour,” she said.

“Victorian road rules are based on the Australian road rules and are designed to be user friendly and easily understood while keeping all road users safe.”

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