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School Bans Kindergarten Student From Eating Tiny Teddies

An Aussie mum has been left furious after a kindergarten teacher banned her daughter from eating the Tiny Teddies that she had packed in her lunchbox. 

The lunchbox included a ham and mayonnaise sandwich, cucumber sticks, grapes, avocado, plain popcorn, and a small packet of honey-flavoured Tiny Teddies.

When the young girl got home, the mini biscuits were unopened with the school explaining that the snacks were too "unhealthy" under their strict food guidelines. 

"So my girl's lunchbox was scrutinised after me thinking it was one of the more simple and healthier ones I'd ever done," the distressed mother said in a Facebook group.

"That thin fancy bread for a ham and mayo sandwich cut up, cucumber, apple, plain popcorn, grapes, avocado and here's the offending item: Tiny Teddies.


"Are you kidding me!? They were honey not even chocolate!?"

The Kindergarten student was forbidden from touching the biscuit packet - which contains around five little biscuits - let alone eating them.

"Compared to the rest of her lunch, it was nothing. It's confusing because it was a very healthy lunch. Next to everything else I packed, it was freaking mini biscuits.

"Considering she's new to kindy and that it's a treat you would think it would be nice to allow something nice after eating really healthy food. 

"My kid should be allowed to have a handful of teddy biscuits when I pack them, especially if I'm the parent."

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As soon as the Adelaide mother heard about the situation, she approached the teacher in question to enquire about the incident.

"We don't police food we aren't the parent, it's about education and teaching them about how to fuel their body. We tell [students] 'you've got a great lunchbox there but how about you leave that snack for when mummy gets you?'"

The mother expressed her frustration saying, "I need more choices because it's starting to get stupid. Bakery items are easy done I'm working on making berry and coconut muffins next week."

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