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Pete Evans Reveals Hes Eaten His Own Brand Of Paleo Pet Food

My Kitchen Rules star Pete Evans has launched his own line of Paleo pet food, and has revealed it's so healthy and nutritious that he's tried it out for himself!

Dog-gone delicious! Pete Evans says his line of Paleo pet food will save animals from diseases like cancer and diabetes and is so healthy that he's eaten it himself

45-year-old Pete has told The Age that his dog and cat treats called 'Healthy Everyday Pets with Pete Evans' are so healthy that even humans can eat it.

'The ingredients are all natural, they are human grade. They are tested on humans, I have tested them all' he claimed 

Pete hopes his pet range will save our fur friends from illnesses such as diabetes.

The My Kitchen Rules judge said, 'So many pets are suffering the diseases of modern day humans – cancer, diabetes, joint issues, skin issues – and a lot of that can be taken back into what we feed our pets' 

He believes that 'dodgy fillers' found in some pet food can cause health problems for our beloved animals, 

Evans worked closely with a pet nutritionist to develop the range, which is available via stockists found on his website.

Just last year, the chef took to social media to condemn pet food, calling it 'poison'.

He wrote: 'The state of the pet food that dominates the marketplace for pets is horrendous and I would say poisonous for our furry friends.'

He also linked existing pet food to the cause of animals' poor health: 'A lot of vets promote this cr*p and wonder why so many dogs and cats have such poor health.'


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