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Penis Transplant Patient "Very Excited"

Update June 14, 2015

The first successful recipient of a transplant has some good news to share with the world - his girlfriend is four months pregnant!

Afte a botched circumcision three years ago, the 21-year-old who has remained anonymous sought out a penis transplant. 

In December the man underwent nine hours of surgery with a highly skilled team of doctors and from the last update in March things were going swimmingly. 

Now it seems undeniable that the operation was a success and the man has been able to regain his confidence and have a normal sex life. 

"This is what we intended, that he should be able to stand up and be able to urinate and have intercourse," Van der Merwe told BBC News. "So it is a milestone for him."

"He's definitely smiling big," Van der Merwe also told The Guardian. "He's proud. He's also a little bit shy."

"The pregnancy is not unexpected because this man is having normal intercourse with a partner of quite a few years," he added. "But for the recipient, it is a big thing and proof the operation has been a success. I'm happy and I have to thank my whole team."

March 13, 2015

We all know you can donate blood, organs, corneas and even skin... but men out there, would you consider donating your penis?

Penis transplants are a real thing and it seems the first successful operation has been performed in South Africa.

A 21-year-old suffered from a botched circumcision three years ago during a traditional ceremony, which eventually led to his penis being amputated. 

But due to the success of the December 11 operation, he has now regained all of his urinary and reproductive functions in the donor organ. 

The recovery time of four months has greatly pleased the medical team (and the patient no doubt!) with the initial prediction being 12 - 24 months before he would regain full control of his penis. 

The joint venture for medical research in this area has been conducted by Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital - with the operation taking nine hours in a Cape Town hospital.

A journalist in South Africa live tweeted the press conference. See the tweets below.

While a number of the men participating in the study are currently suffering after a botched circumcision, the direction would obviously be to look at penis transplants for men with cancer or even erectile dysfunction in the long term. 

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