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New App Shows The True Damage Caused By The Aussie Sun

If you think that spending long periods in the harsh Aussie sun isn't actually doing you any real damage to your skin, the Cancer Council can now show you the long term effects.

By using their new app, seeUV, you can snap a selfie to see whats really happening to your face.

The app uses real UV data and augmented reality technology to show what damage can happen to your skin over time.


Heather Walker, SunSmart Manager for the Cancer Council Victoria said,

“We’ve developed this app as a really exciting and innovative new way to engage people with the SunSmart message,”

“It uses augmented reality to show you the UV in your environment in real time, but also there’s a skin damage selfie, so you can take a picture of yourself and see what the skin damage will look like in years to come if you don’t use sun protection.”

The Cancer Council is using the app to highlight that two out of three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer every year.

“It’s a really important message to get out there to use all five forms of sun protection, so that’s a hat, sunglasses, shade, sunscreen and clothing,” Ms Walker said.

“We’ve found that more than a third of Victorian adults are getting confused about what the risk for sunburn is, and it’s UV levels, it’s not cloud, it’s not heat or humidity. It’s really important that that message gets through and that people don’t get caught out.

The seeUV app is available for free download in Apple’s App Store and also Google Play.


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