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Mother's Warning After Finding Harmful Object In Her Trolley

A Perth mother is warning other mothers to thoroughly check their trolleys before putting their children in it after she found a razor blade stuck in her trolley at Bunnings.

Rachael Maitland was shopping at Bunnings Mindarie with her partner Corey and two young sons, when Corey sliced his finger on a blade that was wedged near the top of the trolley.

Their 15-month-old son was sitting in the child seat of the trolley less than an arm’s length away from the blade when Corey was cut.  

"As he (Corey) put his hand down that's when the tip of his finger got sliced by it," Ms Maitland said.

"It wasn't a big cut but it was really deep. Luckily, he didn't grab it.”

Ms Maitland later posted the picture on Facebook to warn other parents about the incident.

"It could have taken one of the kid's fingers off if they had grabbed it,"

"It was a huge shock.

"The staff were in shock as well, we were all just standing there silently thinking 'what is this?'

"The staff handled it very well. Hopefully it just makes people a little bit more vigilant."

Fortunately, after some investigation, Bunnings Maitland concluded that this was an isolated incident, but do suggest always checking the state of the trolley before placing your child in it.

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