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MILLIONS Of Parents Details STOLEN In Kids Toy HACK

Millions of private conversations between parents and their young children have been caught up in a security failing of an internet-connected smart toy.

Hackers are targeting a range of internet connected teddy bears and stuffed toys that have saved passwords, emails and 2 million private recorded messages between parents and children.

Researcher Troy Hunt has posted details of the security break-in as well as the random demands for the stolen data from the CloudPets smart toy range.


The website Have I Been Owned can let people check if they have been caught up in a data breach, with more than 800,000 users exposed in the hack.

Mr Hunt says he tried on four occasions to contact Spiral Toys, the maker of “CloudPets, warning them of the security breach but has not received any comment.

It is not clear how many Australians are caught up in the hack as the only way you can buy them is online.

Parents concerned about the security of their CloudPets accounts should, at the least, change their passwords and consider disconnecting the toy from the internet.

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