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VIC Police Brace For Upcoming MASSIVE Creepy Clown Event

A Facebook event named 'Clowns vs. whole of Mel' has called Melburnians to band together to stand up against the recent reign of creepy clowns. 

The event has swiftly gained popularity, with more than 2,600 people saying they will be attending and over 6,200 people 'interested' in the event. 


The event is scheduled to take place on October 30th on the steps of Flinders Street Station to ‘put these clowns in their place.’

video: Creepy clown armed with a knife caught on security cameras 'trying to break into man's house

Victoria Police warn that they will have zero tolerance for anyone carrying weapons or scaring people at this event. They made their message clear by posting the following warning on the 'Clown vs whole of melb' Facebook event:


The event has been branded as 'idiotic and cowardice'.

Kerry Eden posted on the page saying ‘ hope all you clowns out there are happy with yourselves. You have scared alot of kids and adults. My kids now hate clowns and there anxiety levels are high. They also have other disabilities. I think you all should be charged and dealt with. You clowns have to think that when a person sees you they could have a heart attack, seizures, anxiety and panic attacks etc. All you clowns are a public nuisance!’

Would you avoid the CBD on October 30th because of this event?

Source: The Herald Sun

TRENDING NOW: 15-year-old clown arrested AFTER BEING Found carrying a large knife.

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