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Man Confronts Mother Who Left Her Baby Alone In Hot Car

This bystander spoke up when he saw something wrong, and then he posted the video to Facebook...

Carl Paz from California saw a baby left alone in a hot car when it was 27 degrees outside, so he went into the store to find the person responsible.

The windows of the car were all closed, and it wasn't parked in the shade.

He told his local CBS that his uncle originally pointed out the child.

“He was crying and my uncle made a comment, ‘Man, that’s just, that’s sick. That’s wrong,’ ” he said.

He said he waited about two minutes, looked again, “double-take inside the car for about five seconds, decided it was wrong and I headed inside the store.”

He walked into the store and asked: "Who's the one who left the baby in the car?"

“Yeah, he’s right there,” the mother replies.

“But why?”

“But why? Because I’m standing right here.

“He’s not crying, I’m watching him,” she said. “I don’t care what you got to say, really.”

They argue back and forth while the baby is still in the hot car.

Paz tells her the baby is crying and she denies it, the sales assistant threatens to call the police on him.

The woman finally retrieves the baby after it had been in the hot car for at least eight minutes.

San Francisco University have shown that within ten minutes the temperature of an enclosed vehicle will rise an average of 19 degrees, or 82% of its eventual 1 hour rise.

So the temperature inside the car had risen to approximately 40 degrees.

Paz then uploaded the video to his Facebook page - but is this "mum-shaming"? Or was he justified in doing so?

Walk by a Sprint Retail store and spot a baby, alone in a car, while its 82 degrees outside. No shade, no A/C...nothing....

Posted by Carl Paz on Monday, August 3, 2015

Photo: Facebook

H/T Mamamia

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