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Kris Smith's Huge Surprise For Ex Dannii Minogue

Kris Smith is not just a pretty face!

The model opened up on Wednesday night’s ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ about a very romantic gesture he organised for his ex Dannii Minogue.

Kris, who shares son Ethan, six, with the singer, went all guns blazing to pull off a huge surprise for Dannii when they were together, and it involves our very own Shane Warne!

Here’s the romantic story he told his campmates during the episode:

“I think one of the first times I met Warnie was just a coincidence.

“I was on a flight back to London with Dan.

“I surprised her with Etihad, she thought she was going back to London for six weeks and leaving me in Australia.

“And I had arranged with Etihad that I would go after her, and I was getting on the flight and she had no idea.

“So they got her one, sat her down and offered her a glass of champagne.

“She rings me again, and there is only her seat and a cabin separating us, and she rings me to tell me she’s taking off and I went, ‘Look let me call you back in five minutes.’

“She went, ‘Oh alright, hurry up I’m taking off.’

“And I walked around, I had the champagne on the tray, and she had tears in her eyes, bless her soul.

“And I went ‘Your champagne, Ma’am.’

“She went ‘thank you, just pop it down there.’

“I went ‘Your champagne.’

“And she went ‘OHHHH!’ and jumped up and it made me jump and I nearly dropped the champagne.

“But Warnie was on that flight too, and he went ‘Well played.’

“So I ended up sitting at the bar with him the whole time, while Dannii was asleep.”

Well played indeed, Kris. And who better to witness the romantic gesture than Warnie!

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