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Hungry Jacks Has Introduced A GAME CHANGING New Feature

Fast food chain Hungry Jacks has introduced a new drive-thru E-tag for breakfast, so their customers don’t have to talk in the mornings when ordering.

The Brekk-E-Tag aims to change the drive-thru experience in Australia by allowing customers to save their regular order onto the E-Tag system.

When approaching the drive-thru, the customers can go straight past s speaker box, where a ‘beep’ will sound and let the drive know the order has been received.

The driver then pays and collects their order.

Hungry Jacks said ‘’“The clever Brekk-E-Tag initiative is aimed at customers that aren’t particularly a morning person or those looking for that extra convenience in their busy morning,”

“Brekk-E-Tag is designed to appeal to mums on the morning school run, tradies leaving for work in the early hours of the morning and regular Hungry Jack’s breakfast consumers on the go.”

Hungry Jacks is set to trial the technology at their Tumbi Umbi store in New South Wales, with the aim of rolling it out nationally.

“Customers go through the Hungry Jack’s drive-thru not only for the great tasting food but also because it is convenient and quick, we’re always striving for ways to make that experience even better,” Hungry Jack’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Baird said of the technology.

“We can’t wait to see how our customers respond to the technology and hopefully soon we’ll see it in more of our restaurants across the country.”

I am moving to Tumbi Umbi just for this.

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