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How Japanese Students Multiply Will Actually Blow Your Mind

Forget learning your times tables, these Japanese students have found a new way to work out multiplication and it's actually so simple!

Granted, when we first saw the footage and watched as the person drew a pattern of lines and wrote down some numbers, we were very confused. But once you catch on to how it works, you'll be unstoppable when it comes to multiplication.

Basically you start with your equation, let's take their first one for example, 21x23.

You then draw a series of lines into a sort of table, the first number in the equation as rows and the second number as columns. The number constitutes the amount of lines that you draw, so for example 21 looks like two lines with a break in the middle followed by one single line.

You will then notice points where the lines cross over. Basically you add these up to make different numbers, and these numbers will form the answer.

Okay so I was never meant to be a maths teacher, I know my explanation isn't amazing, whatever get over it, move on...just watch the video for a better tutorial.

But seriously all you need to know is that it actually works! And just to check, I made up a random equation and tried it myself, and sure enough I got the correct answer straight away!

I never thought I would see the day where I described maths as easy as pie, but there you go! This Japanese line multiplication technique is here to make us all math geniuses.

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