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How DWTS Will Raise Bindi’s Earning Power To The Millions

Bindi won the hearts of America, and a crazy amount of cash when she took out DWTS, but she has the potential to really cash in on the US & global market.

She won over $300,000 in the finale, but we think that she is just getting started. She has never been so famous...

Prior to going on Dancing With The Stars, she was a household name in Australia, but was otherwise only known by fans of her family.

With Bindi securing her spot on the map, it's only a matter of time before the global deals start coming through.

Celebrity manager Max Markson has stated that he believes Bindi could make at least a couple of million dollars from a TV commericial, AND, that her value has most likely multiplied by four even five times!

Knowing Bindi, we can pretty safely assume that she will always be her down to earth self, no matter how much of a global celebrity she becomes.

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