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School Bullying Forced Kate Middleton To Seek Therapy

She and husband Prince William are avid supporters of mental health charities, and now it appears that the Duchess of Cambridge has been drawing on her own personal experience when speaking out about supporting young people through difficult times.

A school friend of the perfectly poised Royal has revealed that the then-13-year-old Kate Middleton suffered "horrific" bullying at her exclusive $47,000-a-year Berkshire high school.

"She hated it, absolutely hated it," Jessica Hay said. "The girls there were horrible. They used to put faeces in her bed and she was very, very badly bullied.

"She was picked on because she was perfect, well turned-out and a lovely person. She was not the type of person to stick up for herself.

"They saw something that they could pick on - and gangs of girls can be very nasty."

A source also toldĀ Woman's Day that the abuse was so extensive that Kate's parents sought professional help for their daughter.

"They agonised over it at the time because they didn't want her to feel stigmatised," they told the publication. "[But] the therapy did wonders."

While Kate only attended Downe House school for two terms, it's clear that the mum-of-two is using her own experience to help others.

"Kate doesn't want anyone else to go through what she did," the source continued. "That's why she holds the work of mental health charities dear to her heart.

"She's determined that anyone victimised gets all the support they need."

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