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Australia's Dodgiest Products Have Been Named and SHAMED

Consumer Group CHOICE have dished out their annual list of dodgy Australian products with this year's 'Shonky Awards'.

CHOICE's Shonky Awards have named and shamed nine major companies that they believe have are misleading Aussie consumers with their dodgy advertising and false claims. 

Their definition of shonky is something that's "unreliable, unsound, dishonest, poor or of dubious quality; shoddy"

Here are some of the companies that have been caught out:



Samsung featured on this year's list after it was forced to recall millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones because of faulty batteries that were catching on fire.

CHOICE said the South Korean tech giant also offloaded 144,000 dodgy top loader washing machines. 

cash convertErs


CHOICE said that Cash Converters charges a hefty 20% establishment charge and 4% monthly fees for its personal loans, meaning if you borrow $2000 you'll end up paying back $3360 over the 12-month borrowing period. That's a 68% interest rate, enough to put you in a big hole full of bad debt.

kellogg's pringles


Kelloggs were singled out for increasing the unit price of Pringles by reducing the tub and chip size.

CHOICE said the company masked the sleight of hand by dropping the pack price from $4.10 to $4.00.



Claiming to be a "revolutionary product to clean and refresh your carpet" with five times more dirt removal and a "fast drying action", Vanish Preen Powerpowder Clean and Fresh Large Area Carpet Cleaner failed to clean up in this contest. CHOICE tested the performance of water and were surprised to find that good old H2O outperformed this "revolutionary" carpet cleaner.

nestle milo


Nestle was a recipient of a Shonky for 'health washing' Milo with a four-and-a-half Health Star Rating. CHOICE said 'Given Milo is 46% sugar we were more than a little surprised by the high HSR claim, so we decided to take a closer look. Nestlé calculated Milo's rating on an "as prepared" basis. This means they don't just take into account the Milo, but also the 200mL of skim milk they say you should drink with it.'

American Express, Camel Milk Victoria, Green and Clean and the Medical Weightloss Institute also made the list.

Read the full report HERE 

Source: The Daily Mail / CHOICE

All images via CHOICE

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