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Classic Aussie Game Shows

Aussies have always loved a good TV game show, from the early days of telly with Pick-A-Box right up until today with the long running Family Feud as popular as ever.

Let's have a look at some of our favourites as well as a few shows that we thought should have been bigger! 

First up, way before The Bachelor people went on TV looking for love with the help of Dexter the robot on Perfect Match...

During the 70's the King of TV Graham Kennedy hosted the always funny and a little bit naughty Blankety Blanks!

Tony Barber hosted Sale Of The Century which was hugely popular during it's long run, who didn't want to test their general knowledge and get a chance to score some of the prizes in the Showroom?

Wheel Of Fortune was a staple of Aussie TV for a long stretch with several hosts over the years, but our favourite era had to be when 'Baby' John Burgess and Adriana Xenides were hosts.

'Come On Down!!!' We forgot just what a frenzy the audience at Wheel Of Fortune used to get whipped in to! Watch Larry Emdur work his charm on some very excited contestants!

The late great Ian Turpie hosted a stack of game shows, and one of our faves was this one from the early 90's Supermarket Sweep!

Last and probably quiz shows have proven popular over the years with Spicks and Specs and Rockwiz both being big hits, but do you remember 'Keynotes' hosted by Richard Wilkins?

What's your all-time fave Aussie quiz show? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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