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Can You Spot The Camera In This ATM Ready To Steal Your Pin?

Can you spot the camera in the picture above?

We all thought we were pretty security conscious when it comes to our money.

Boy, how we were wrong!

The City of London Police have released photos of a number of ATM machines that have been taken over with 'pinpoint cameras' that without a microscope, almost blend in entirely! 

And we thought paypass was our biggest vulnerability these days!

The premise is that sneaky types install fake covers over the ATM machine (whether it be the cash dispenser, above the screen, or various areas with a good view to the keypad), and include a pin head sized hole to mount a camera behind. 


Lo and behold - hard to detect surveillance. 

While this example is in London, we have heard of multiple accounts of similar hackings in Australia. 

We'll be inspecting ATMs a lot more carefully in future, that's for sure! 


Stay safe with your money! 

H/T: Metro

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