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Can You Guess Which Animal These Cute Little Paws Belong To?

The only thing cuter than a little animal is their little legs; their itty bitty jelly-bean pads and boopy baby paws are so, heartbreakingly adorable, it's hard to get past.

Like, look at the teeny kitty hands.


And the puppy paws.


And what about these squeezable little limbs?


Image via BoredPanda

Cute, right? Wrong. SO WRONG.

Because it's a trick! Those last paws aren't paws you want on you. They're SPIDER PAWS.


Apparently a spider's paw is called a "tarsus" and is one of EIGHT parts that make up each leg.

They have tiny little claws on the end and can pick up changes in the air and help the spider recognise smells.

Which is all well and good but we're still not gonna cuddle up with a tarantula on the sofa when we're hungover.

That'll be a hard no from us.

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