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Awful Sex In Spa Accident Kills Bride's Parents

A Canadian couple who travelled to Mexico for their daughter's wedding have died in a bizarre spa sex accident. 

Charles Mackenzie, 67, and Dorothy, 63, were found dead after he suffered a heart attack and squashed his wife when they had sex in a resort spa bath. 

Their daughter's wedding was planned to take place just days after the couple were found dead. 

Authorities said the deaths were accidental and most likely linked. 

An official from the Mexican state of Quintana Roo told the Canadian Press that it is believed that the man's heart attack likely caused the woman to drown. 

Furthermore, a spokesperson for the resort denied reports that the couple had been electrocuted by the spa bath, saying "The room was perfectly fine. All the equipment was working perfectly ... What the family mentioned was a heart attack". 

Their family are still staying at the hotel, with Charles' brother-in-law Douglas hastings saying "I know they're more concerned about the remains and creation and things like that ... I don't really know about the wedding". 


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