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Australian Airline Releases Huge Warning To Its Customers

A post on Facebook is claiming that you can get two tickets for free, thanks to Jetstar.

According to the post, Jetstar is giving the tickets away because they are celebrating their anniversary.

However, the post officially has nothing to do with Jetstar and actually, all you are going to get from it.. is a big fat nothing.

The Facebook post is designed to trick you into giving away your information on dodgy survey websites.

If you click the link with the thought you are about to win a prize, you will be taken a survey which asks you about our previous experience with Jetstar.  No matter what answers you give, you will always be chosen as a “winner”.

You will then be taken to a webpage that claims you must share, like and add a comment before you can claim your free tickets. In fact, this just ensures the scam continues to appear on Facebook.

After you have shared, liked, and commented as instructed, you will be told via a popup window that you must complete a survey to verify your entry and claim your free tickets. The window will include links to various survey websites


No matter how many surveys you take, there are no tickets, just your information being given away.

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