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Aussie Woman Makes Wheelchairs For Chickens

No longer will it be just people getting around on wheels with one true-blue Aussie woman inventing a device that is designed to help get injured chickens back up on their feet.

Working out of her garage and spare bedroom in Murrumbeena, Melbourne, Miranda Boulton runs her one-woman business, making custom-made chicken wheelchairs for poultry in need.

"It's not profitable, it's a labour of love," said Ms Boulton said about her company Chicken Therapy Chairs.

"You might see wheelchair for dogs and cats, so there's a lot for our four-legged friends but nothing out there for chickens - I guess there was a gap in the market.

"There are so many chicken enthusiasts in America...especially in the north a lot of people have to bring their chickens indoors in the winter, so they're really part of the family."

And this is the case for Darcy Smith, a retired police officer from Northern California, who received one of the therapy chairs for her rooster, Roo.

Roo had suffered a head injury and could no longer walk or stand. However, after receiving the chicken wheelchair from down here in Oz, Ms Smith said Roo was able to learn to walk again.

"The change in behaviour was immediate - his eyes brightened up and he was able to be himself again," Ms Smith said.

"Roos is not just a rooster or chicken - Roos is our pet like a dog or cat would be, and we love him very much. That's why we're trying to get him healthy again."

Roo was gifted the therapy chair after an anonymous donor heard about his story online on Ms Smith's Facebook page Funky Chicken, and contacted Ms Boulton in Melbourne for one of the custom chairs.

And if you're in the mood for something seriously heartwarming, you can watch Roo taking his first steps in the wheelchair in the video above.

I'm not crying....YOU'RE CRYING!

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