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Are You A Super-Recogniser?

Most of us are very adept at recognising the faces of people we know well — some may even able to identify the pixellated people above (the answers are: Brad Pitt and George Clooney).

In contrast, matching unfamiliar faces can be surprisingly challenging even when conditions are optimal. This is problematic because many important tasks rely on this very skill — for example matching a traveller to their passport, or a CCTV image to a police mugshot.

A small minority of people, however, demonstrate superior face recognition abilities for both familiar and unfamiliar faces. These individuals are classed as ‘super-recognisers.’

About the test:

The University of NSW have designed a very challenging web-based test of face identification ability to try and identify individuals with superior face recognition abilities.

The test is difficult because it requires people to recognise faces despite substantial changes in appearance from one encounter to the next, caused for example by differences in age, pose, lighting, and expression.

Once you have taken the test, you can compare your performance with other participants who have already completed the test.

Could you be a super-recogniser?

Click here to take the test and find out!

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