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Aldi Set To Release A Product To Help A Common Issue

An Aussie entrepreneur has created a new drink that has revolutionised protein drinks.

Bodie Lazar, 29, came up with a clear protein water after getting sick from drinking dairy-based drinks.

The footy player was downing heavy milk based drinks after training even though he was lactose intolerant, however, he just couldn’t stomach them.

ALDI has now picked up the water, known as BODIE’z, and will be featured as a special buy for $2.69 (RRP $3.50).

The water itself contains 15 grams of protein isolate and is targeted towards performance athletes or hard-core gym goers.

In an interview with Bodie said: “It has the equivalent amount of protein found in a typical protein shake, all the vitamins found in a vitamin drink, the electrolytes of a hydration drink and high levels of the un-fractured branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).”

The drink is for the health conscious consumer trying to avoid more sugary drinks on the market.

The drink comes in Berry, Orange or Lemon Lime flavours.

Take all our money.

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