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71 Year Old Gran Marries 17 Year Old She Met At Sons Funeral

Image: PA Real Life/Wade Payne/

Well, they say love comes in all forms.

71 year old pensioner Almeda Errell was at the funeral for her eldest son Robert, 45 in Tennessee last year where she met 17 year old Gary Hardwick.

Then in what can only be described as an unorthodox whirlwind romance, the pair were wed after just THREE weeks.

Hardwick, who had previously dated a 77 year old now lives with Errell in a house she shares with her grandsons, one of whom is only three older than him!


Image: Real Life

Almeda says she had been feeling lonely following the death of her husband in 2013, and that the passing of her eldest son had left her feeling depressed, while Garry now 18, says he had previously been in an unhappy relationship with his 77 year old girlfriend.

They both believe that they are soulmates and Garry has even had their names tattooed across his chest as a sign of his devotion to Almeda. 

Since their marriage in October the pair claim that they are inseparable and Gary has recently applied for a transfer from his job with supermarket chain WalMart to work at the same outlet as Almeda so they can spend even more time together!

What do you think, should we judge a couple on having such a large age gap or just celebrate that they are happy together? 

Let us know in the comment section below.

Via: Daily Mail


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