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7 Things That Predict Divorce, According To Science

When it comes to getting married, there are a few roadblocks that can make the road a tricky one…

In a world where divorce is an easy option, it takes massive will power and strength to make a marriage work - it’s not easy.

Now, science has allegedly determined the seven things that can happen in a marriage that predict divorce…

#1: Having a commute longer than 45 minutes each day

A 2013 study found that 14 per cent of those with such commutes ended up choosing divorce, because it’s too much stress for partners. Coming home cranky and over sitting in traffic doesn’t make for marital bliss.


#2: Having a daughter

Controversial - and annoying - but a 2010 study found that boys make the family want to stick together, even through the hard times, whereas as when a daughter is involved, mums are more likely to leave a bad situation, as they tend to want to set a good example for their daughters - and are less likely to put up with crap.


#3: Using social media too much

No real shock there, but having your eyes glued to a screen all the time can’t be good for communication. More than a few studies over the last few years have blamed Facebook for divorce.


#4: Spending more than 20,000 on your wedding

By blowing all of your money before you even get married, you’re setting yourself up for financial hardship and stress. The annoying thing is the average divorce costs between $15,000 and $20,000.


#5: Rolling your eyes at your partner

It kind of goes without saying, but science says it’s not good. So stay away if you can!

#6: Marrying someone way older or way younger

While some couples can handle the age gap, it’s just too much for some to handle. Studies have found that the closer you are in age, the less likely you are to divorce. The further you go past a five-year age gap, the greater your chances of divorce.


#7: Being equal in household duties

It’s that how equality thing coming into play again. The more equal you can be as a couple, the more success you’ll experience.

Source: Bustle

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