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6 Celebrities You May Not Know Had Passed

undefinedOne of the saddest things in the world is when people pass away too young. You naturally assume that when it happens to someone in Hollywood, you'll know all about it - but that may not necessarily be the case.

Here are six celebrities you may not know had passed away...

Heather O'Rourke


The little girl who played Carol Anne in the movie Poltergeist. If you watched the movies all the watched the final Poltergeist movie, you'll have noticed that Heather's cheeks are very puffy - it was a reaction to the medication she was taking to battle Crohn's disease, which she was reportedly misdiagnosed as having. Tragically, Heather suffered from cardiac arrest while undergoing surgery for a bowel obstruction at just 12 years old.

Brad Renfro


Best known for starring in Joel Schumacher's adaptation of The Client by John Grisham at just 11, opposite Brad Pitt in Sleepers, Ghost World opposite Scarlett Johansson, and The Informers opposite Kim Basinger. Like many child actors, Renfro began dabbling in drugs and alcohol and got in trouble with the law. He was found dead by way of accidental overdose in his Los Angeles apartment at just 25 years old.

Lee Thompson Young


He was in the famous Disney show, The Famous Jett Jackson, which also starred upcoming actress Rachel McAdams. He also starred in Friday Night Lights, Akeelah and the Bee and The Hills Have Eyes II. Lee was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder and he committed suicide with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 2013.

Jonathan Brandis


Brandis starred in MANY shows as a child and teenager, including Blossom, Full House, Who's The Boss?, L.A Law, The Wonder Years and Murder, She Wrote - among others. He was just 16 when he made Ladybugs and 17 when he was cast as a teen genius in Steven Spielberg's SeaQuest 2032. When SeaQuest was cancelled in 1996, the plentiful offers seemed to dry up and depression plagued the young star, who died after sustaining injuries from attempted suicide via hanging at the age of 27.

Dana Plato


Dana played Kimberly Drummond in Diff'rent Strokes, opposite Gary Coleman. To cope with the pressure of fame, it's said that Dana used to indulge in cocaine and marijuana off-set. When she fell pregnant, the network released her from her contract and she began a downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse and starred in adult films as well as a spread in Playboy Magazine. She died at the age of 35 after taking a fatal mix lortab and valium.

Skye McCole Bartusiak


Best known for starring as Mel Gibson's daughter in The Patriot, Skye made her debut in 1999 in The Cider House Rules and also starred in Don't Say A Word opposite Michael Douglas and Brittany Murphy. She died in 2014 of an accidental overdose.

Source: ILykeFunny

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