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5 Of The Most INCREDIBLE Prizes Ever Won

The saying goes that money can’t buy happiness but I highly doubt any of the following prize winners would agree! There have been some truly incredible prizes given away both here in Australia and around the globe. From cash money to incredible homes and outrageously expensive cars – these winners really hit the jackpot! Check them out below and we guarantee you’ll be jumping online or racing to your local newsagent to buy a lottery ticket in no time…

Double whammy

prize winnersImage:

Pilates teacher and Gold Coast local, Lisa Petony won not just one but TWO overseas trips in under 2 years, in two different magazine competitions. The first was through WHO magazine and included a trip to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears live at the MGM Grand in 2009. The second was 12 months later and through Cosmopolitan magazine. Lisa won an all-expenses paid trip to New York! Both times she took her mum with her. What a lucky pair!

Price Is Right

price is rightImage: today

The Price Is Right is one of America’s most iconic game shows. In 2013 Sheree Heil won an Audi R8 worth a whopping $115,000 which was the biggest single prize ever awarded to a contestant!

Instant Millionaire

single dadImage: ozlotteries

A single father from Melbourne had just 8 cents left in his bank account became an instant millionaire in 2015 when we won the Division 1 lotto prize pool of $1.5 million. Talk about rags to riches!

Biggest Cash Prize

cash winnersImage:

In 2016, America’s biggest ever lottery cash prize was up for grabs with a $1.5 BILLION Powerball jackpot! Florida couple, David Kaltschmidt and his wife Maureen Smith won a HUGE $528.7 million share of the prize pool. Mr Kaltschmidt decided to retire and buy a new truck! The couple also said they’d be focussing on working with charities and making smart investments after their win.

Multi-Million Dollar Home


There’s constantly stories in the Australian media about difficult it is becoming to afford a home. So, imagine how incredible it would be to WIN one! That’s exactly what happened to one lucky Victorian from Sunshine West. Sanko Sekulovski won an unbelievable $2.7 million home in the Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery. Oh, and it was FULLY furnished!

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