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30 Years On, The Baby From Labyrinth Is All Grown Up

There has been a bit of a renaissance around cult film Labyrinth since the sad passing of the Goblin King himself, David Bowie earlier this year.

Now the one time child actor who played Baby Toby in the 1986 movie has spoken about his time on the film and you won't believe what he now does for a living!


Toby Froud's father Brian, was actually the conceptual designer and costume designer for the film, and now Toby has followed in his fathers footsteps working as a puppeteer and builder of goblins, trolls and other creatures for film and theater!

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Toby revealed that incredibly people actually recognize him regularly and he gets asked constantly about THIS famous scene!


"For years I was asked that. “My God, how could they throw you in the air?” And I would look at people and smile and go, “It’s a puppet.” For years people would say that, and these days everyone is like, “Oh, it’s a bad puppet isn’t it?”

“Uh, yeah.”

"I never really got thrown in the air. They didn’t drop me on several takes or anything like that."

Toby also spoke about his unintentionally hilarious first meeting with David Bowie.

"I had a diaper underneath [my red and white striped outfit], but the diapers were far too bulky, so they created thinner diapers."

"The first time I actually met David Bowie and sat on his lap, I peed all over him. He was a gentleman about it. He really was. At the time, he was an absolute rockstar and everything, but he was very genuinely nice about the whole situation, and we carried on afterward."

"We did the scenes together. But yes, I met the man and peed on him pretty quickly, maybe a couple times through the shoot. "

Talk about a classic first encounter!

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