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10 Things only TRUE Melburnians Will Understand

Us Melburnians truly are a breed of our own. 

Not only can you hear us telling tourists from a mile away that Melbourne is SO much better than Sydney, our trendy fashion sense really makes us stand out from the crowd. 

If you can't find yourself nodding at ALL 10 things below, you are simply just not a true Melbournian. 

You think AFL Grand Final Day is better than Christmas, New Year's AND Australia Day COMBINED. 

Had summer festival #fomo when you've been too late/boke/disorganised to get tickets.

Ordered a soy flat white even though you hate soy milk and are NOT lactose intolerant. 

Daily pic 👌🏼 #mylittlemelbourne #specialtycoffee #latteart #lattegram #homeoflatteart #instamood #instalife 📷:@zzillionss 🙏🏼

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You think 40 minutes in heavy traffic is a 'good run' and a 15-minute train delay is pretty normal. 

You've used an umbrella, scarf, sunglasses, sunscreen and thongs - on the SAME DAY. 


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You don't look twice when big balls of fire burst into the sky on Southbank. 

You've performed a 'hook' turn. 

Moaned about waiting in the queue for Mamasita or Chin Chin. 

Been really into Bikram yoga for exactly 30 days during a Bikram Yoga $30 for 30 days offer. 

Gone on an impromptu road trip along the Great Ocean Road. 

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