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The Block Created History Last Night.. And Not In A Good Way

We had a bit of history on The Block on Sunday night, after contestants Jason and Sarah were given a ZERO after they failed to complete their master suite.

Host Scott Cam went one step further as he issued the couple a ultimatum that they had to complete their master suite and the next room inside a week, or they will be ‘off The Block’.

Scott Cam has said that it was the ‘hardest thing’ he ever had to do but admitted that his decision was ‘not negotiable.’

'In the interest of fair play I cant let your lack of effort continue so here's how this is going to work and it's not negotiable,' Scott said to the embattled couple.

 'By next Sunday I want you to have fully completed your master suite and the room we are doing next week. If you don't have them completed by tools down next Sunday, you are off The Block.'

Tensions reached boiling point as the judge’s gave their comments, which lead to Jason screaming at Scott.

Starting off talking to the group about their responsibilities on the show Scott said that all contestants had to 'go hard or go home'before honing in on Jason and Sarah.

'You are here on this series because you said, a number of times, "we have an attitude of never give up," and that's exactly what you did this week,' Scott said.
Giving no quarter Jason shot back: 'I'm definitely saying we didn't give up. I find it offensive that you would say that Scotty.'

Scott replied saying 'Well actually, I'm a bit offended as well, mate. ‘I’m sorry that you're offended, mate, but you didn't do anything on Monday, I don't think you did anything on Friday and I'm assuming you did nothing on Saturday.'

With the couple presenting basically an empty shell to the judges all three gave them resounding zeros and labelled their effort an 'insult.'

In the end it was Elyse and Josh  who won the day with a final score of 28.5, narrowly pipping Ronnie and Georgia who scored 28.

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