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The BIG Moment That Could See The Block CLOSED DOWN For Good

They are the Melbourne couple on The Block that just keeps on getting on getting into problems.

And on Monday, we saw Elyse Knowles boyfriend Josh Barker being slammed by foreman Keith, after they received a noise complaint from a neighbour.


Keith said that the complaint meant The Block was 'in jeopardy of getting shut down.'

Keith said that Josh continued to cut a hole in his roof at 11 PM, despite there being noise restriction rules.

Josh apologised for the noise, saying his plumber was installing a flute that needed to be done before room reveal. 

'Didn't I give you a warning about not working overnight? I said it about 10 times as I left,' Keith said. 

Josh said that he and his trade were using hand tools, which did not help the situation, with Keith saying 'No attitude, we're on the Block, everyone's got the same rules, so let's just cut the attitude,'

The Block continues tonight at 7:30 PM on Nine.

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