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U2 Pays Tribute to Late Tour Manager

U2 played its second of five scheduled concerts at The Forum in Inglewood, California in the U.S. Wednesday, and Bono paused a number of times to pay tribute to Dennis Sheehan, the band's longtime tour manager, who died early that morning in his hotel room at age 68. 

"What a privilege to share the stage with these brothers of mine and to share this evening with you who have given us everything," he said, according to Billboard.  "U2 is kind of a family.  It's a brotherhood, although there's a lot of sisters too.  But the extended family is very, very important to us…Last night we lost a member of our family.  Dennis Sheehan was his name.  He was U2's tour manager for 33 years.  He loved, as we all do, the city of Los Angeles."

Bono went on to explain that Sheehan, who used to work with Led Zeppelin, had "always thought maybe U2 could be the next Led Zeppelin," which, the singer added, "of course is impossible."

Bono then shared a story about how he and his band mates had dressed up as Led Zeppelin for one of Sheehan's recent birthday parties, joking that "the biggest problem was I couldn't quite fill Robert Plant's pants."

Early in the show, Bono also pointed out, "A lot of U2 songs over the years were written to fill a void, an absence, a hole in a heart left by a loved one.  With the loss of Sheehan, U2 now has such a wound."

The band closed out the concert with a performance of "40," a song from U2's 1983 album, War, which they dedicated to Sheehan.  Before playing the tune, Bono recalled how Sheehan had helped urge an audience to sing the refrain from "40" during a show that was recorded for the 1983 live album Under a Blood Red Sky.

"We just heard this lone voice, this single voice, singing 'How long to sing this song' -- a light voice, beautiful tremolo," the singer explained.  "And it was the voice of Dennis Sheehan, trying to get everyone to sing, which they did."

Bono added, "So we dedicate this fact we dedicate the fact we dedicate our whole tour to the very vivid memory of Dennis Sheehan, St. Dennis of Dublin, as he's known around here."

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